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About Jon Shutt

"I was once a boy / but now, I am only - a man" - Roger Waters

I have always had a strong, intrinsic urge to put pen to paper. Crafting poetry and prose provides an outlet for so many things trapped in this noggin of mine.

My urge to create never ceases to end and I do so in so many ways:

I brew beer. I build - mostly with wood but sometimes with other materials such as stone or metal. I also recently found out that I love to draw and paint! The one thing I always come back to over the years though (other than brewing) is writing! 
I created this website in hopes that it will drive me to continue doing what I love - writing and creating! Nearly ten years ago I fulfilled my childhood dream of publishing a book with the publication of Blood Red Dawn - see books tab. Yet, I hope this isn't my last book. I hope to publish young adult literature at some point too.

For now, I am embarking on the journey of turning Blood Red Dawn into an Audiobook and also a collection of "Art Songs" or Leids - my poems set to music. See the playlist on the Homepage

Join me on this journey - join the mailing list and stay tuned for future publications of all kinds! 


Feel free to contact me if interested in using my work, collaborating, scheduling a reading/lecture/lesson. 

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